Singing bowls make beautiful, deep vibrations and sounds that can penetrate deeply in our body and mind. The sounds can help us reach a deep meditative, relaxing and at times transcendental state; while the physical vibrations of the bowls on and close to the body can leave us feeling physically lighter, more nimble and "in flow".

Studies corroborate the positive mental-emotional and physical effects in measures such as balancing blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory rate.


All singing bowl treatments take place fully clothed, optionally covered with a blanket for greater comfort.

I use one or several of the following techniques in the treatments, depending on your preferences and if you have a particular intention for the session.

  1. "Playing" the bowls on the body

Placing the bowl on the body, we create vibrations that deeply penetrate the tissues. This can help detoxify and rebalance the treated areas of the body in a powerful yet subtle way. Positive effects have been achieved with back aches, with pains and stiffness/numbness in the legs and hips, and with digestive issues, among others.

  1. Hot water massage using the bowls

Similar to other massage techniques using heat, bowls are excellent conductors of warmth and as such can be used to treat physical aches and pains with hot water and movement of the bowl over the body; most commonly back, shoulder and hip areas.

  1. Playing the bowls above the body

Striking the bowls or circling their rim can create strong vibrations on the sides of the bowls, which are clearly felt when they are close to the body. This is a great way of "vibrating" areas of the body that are less conducive to touch or for which the vibrations of placing the bowl on the body would be too strong (e.g. around the head). It is fascinating feeling the sound and energy waves from the bowls meeting and traveling through the body parts that they are held to.

  1. Sound healing

The sounds of the singing bowls are soothing and deeply relaxing. They tend to put people in a meditative state and often help to take the mind out of thought. Even - or especially - people with difficulty sleeping often find that they drift off and fall asleep during sound healing sessions. The sounds of the bowls vary in pitch and each bowl has several "layers" of sound. The sounds have been studied to induce theta brain waves, which are associated with deep self-healing and rejuvenation of the mind (reduction in fatigue, better memory etc.).

The sounds and vibrations as well as the techniques for using the bowls can also be connected to different chakras. If chakras are something you connect to, I am happy to work on all or specific chakras with you, as well. Similarly, I may use voice and mantras in a session if this is something you feel open to.


As the effects of the bowls can be powerful and detoxing, I recommend drinking a lot of water after your session.

Also try to keep some space (free time) after the session to allow you to integrate and relax in whatever state you find yourself in. I often find that I prefer less social interaction immediately after the singing bowl session in order to stay a bit more centred within myself, integrate and enjoy a sense of calm and peace.

You may also feel sleepy so feel free to rest or do whatever your body is feeling after the session.


30 minutes: €45
60 minutes: €85
90 minutes: €120


Message me below, email katharina.kunze@gmail.com/katharina@0neyoga.com
or send a chat message +49 1523 8131 548 to book or enquire.