1 pack (500g) of red lentils
lemon juice or vinegar or slice of apple


  1. Soak lentils in water overnight

  2. Rinse lentils and blend with salt, lemon juice/vinegar/apple slice and some water - enough to allow blending (can be more watery than in video)

  3. Let stand for 1 day, longer if you want a fluffier or more sour pancake

  4. Spread over a well-oiled or parchment-lined baking tray and bake at 200°C on top rack until top is firm and edges start to get crispy (ca. 10-15 minutes)

  5. Let cool and enjoy


  • Use other lentils or legumes, e.g. green peas or brown lentils, for other colours

  • Add other spices before baking e.g. cumin, curry, curcuma, pepper, herbs or onion pieces (raw or fried)


We let the batter stand for a day in order to ferment. Fermentation gives the dough a more sour taste and makes the final result fluffier and more pliable.

If we did not ferment the dough, the bread would be slightly harder and break apart more.

Fermentation also adds the tangy sourdough taste.

In terms of health benefits, fermentation makes legumes more digestible by reducing gut irritating components in legumes and increasing the bioavailability of nutrients in them. (Source)


Similar to fermentation, soaking reduces gut irritating components of legumes. It also reduces the cooking time of legumes.

This is helpful when making these sheet pancakes because it means they are quick to bake in the oven and we don't have to be worried about any lentils remaining "raw".

This makes these pancakes perfect to prepare for breakfast - soak and make batter in advance, then bake on a tray 15 minutes before you want to consume them.


Lentils: I like to buy organic. You can use whichever legumes you like.

Salt: I like to use Himalayan sea salt or another salt that is high in minerals and without additives like anti caking agents.

Vinegar: I like to use organic apple cider vinegar but any vinegar will do.


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