store-bought kombucha
regular sugar
green or black tea


  1. Make a strong green or black tea and let cool

  2. Pour the tea, kombucha and 1 table spoon of sugar into a large glass, ceramic or plastic container (not metal) and cover

  3. Let ferment for a week and taste. Drink, let ferment longer or move to fridge


Sugar: I like to use organic cane sugar. It's easy to find and works well. Please avoid substituting with low-carb sugar alternatives like stevia or xylitol, as we need the actual sugar for the fermentation process. Also avoid using honey as its antimicrobial properties may impede fermentation.

Green or black tea: I use organic tea. We use green or black tea because the kombucha grows best in these (owing to components like tannins, caffeine/theine and nitrogen). Avoid teas with added flavours or essential oils like Earl Grey because again these can impede the fermentation process.

Kombucha: For your first batch use a store-bought kombucha. You can drink part of it and use the other part to create your own kombucha following the above steps. You can use parts of your own kombucha to create further kombucha batches. You will also find that a "scoby" (jelly-like pancake) grows on your kombucha which you can use to create more kombucha as it contains the necessary cultures.


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